25th anniversary of the coldest temperature recorded in Minnesota


TOWER, Min. - Today, February 2nd, marks the 25th anniversary of the coldest temperature ever recorded in Minnesota's history!

The cold spot lies in the Embarrass Valley, where all of the cold air traditionally drains into the low spots there. A prolonged cold snap gripped the Northland back in 1996, where overnight lows even wiped out thermometers, as temperatures plummeted to 60 degrees below zero in the town of Tower, Minnesota. This set the states record of the coldest temperature we've ever experienced.

'It was really cold that morning but remember that this was a stretch of cold that started on January 30th and didn't end until February 5th.' explained Carol Christenson from the Duluth National Weather Service.

A record was not determined cut and dry on that day, so there was still suspense in the air as the news crews arrived. The neighboring town of Embarrass had a reading that hit -64°, just before the thermometer broke due to the bitter cold separating the mercury. So the rivalry will continue on, until the next comparable arctic blast arrives. But for now, Tower takes the title at -60°.